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Bergstein, Eliyahu

Rabbi Eliyahu Bergstein is a renowned speaker, who has inspired, informed, and entertained many diverse Jewish audiences throughout the United States, Canada, and England.

Rabbi Bergstein received his Rabbinical Ordination from Yeshivas Torah Vodaath in Brooklyn, N.Y. He has served as a Rebbe at the Bobover Yeshiva Bnei Zion and at Yeshiva Karlin Stolin, both in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Currently, Rabbi Bergstein is a lecturer at Aish HaTorah in New York and Philadelphia, a teacher at the Jewish Renaissance Center and at Project Chazon, and a speaker for Discovery and Gateways Seminars. He is a popular scholar-in-residence and guest presenter for schools, congregations, Community Kollelim, outreach centers, and diverse Jewish organizations at Shabbatons, retreats, weekday and weekend programs.

Sampling of Topics

The Discovery Program

Join the over 250,000 Jews across the globe who have discovered the depth and beauty of Judaism with this extraordinary, entertaining and insightful multimedia presentation that combines psychology, philosophy, history and computer science to take the audience on a voyage into the why of being Jewish.

Five Levels of Pleasure

Many people think that life is about the pursuit of pleasure. Guess what? So does Judaism. Surprised? Participants will be too. Five Levels of Pleasure rebuffs the myth that getting involved with Judaism means getting involved with guilt. When all is said and done, participants discover that all pleasures are not created equal and that Judaism has what it takes to achieve the fullest enjoyment in life.

Why the Jews?

This is a revolutionary seminar that uses the unlikely medium of anti-Semitism to showcase the magnificent contributions that the Jewish people have made to civilization. By analyzing and exposing famous anti-Semitism justifications, the inspiring reality is uncovered.

World Perfect

Most people are not aware of the tremendous effect the Jews have had on the entire civilized world. Transform your understanding of the Jewish People’s contribution to the world in this fast moving presentation.

Attaining the Gift of Happiness

Developing Love

Developing a Multi-Dimensional Attitude Towards Life

Hashem's Knowledge of and Interaction with Humanity

Maintaining a Balance in our Attitude Toward the Physical

Matriarchs, Miracles and Mitzvot

Prayer: An Excercise in Self Awareness

Relationships: Parent to Child, Child to Parent

Revealing the Deeper Dimensions of Man's Reality - King David's Alphabet for the Next World

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